Small  Groups at  St. Luke's

We believe in the importance of intentional faith formation. Taking part in small groups helps us become connected to God and one another. Real discipleship happens in safe communities. Whether you decide to try a short-term Bible study or commit to a long-term group, you are welcome and important to our church's mission of making disciples who make a difference. Contact Pastor Cindy to find a group right for you.

Read more about the upcoming fall small groups below and fill out the registration form or contact us at the church office.

Intentional  Communities  of  Grace

Communities of grace are gatherings of people who meet together on a regular basis. Each group is unique. Some groups consist of mostly Spanish speakers. Others are primarily young adults. Some are inter-generational or neighborhood focused. Beyond their differences are strong commonalities. Each community lives by a rule of life or covenant. The participants are committed to one another and seek to be missional, offering hospitality to everyone. 

Contact Pastor Cindy, Pastor Bill, or Pastor Raymundo for more information. 


Overcomers is a group whose purpose is to support one another through prayer and fellowship by meeting together every 4-6 weeks.

For more information, contact Pastor Joe.