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God created us with eyes to see the beauty of God’s splendor of creation. God also created us with hearts to live out the desires of the Lord. But as far back as Genesis, humanity turned these gifts from the Lord into desires of man. SIN!!! We live out our daily lives observing our neighbors lives. We see the cars they drive that are seemingly better than ours and desire for the same. We look in the mirror and glance at the reflection and think why did I not get a nose like my friend or hair, curly or straight, like the girl on the magazine. You may even stroll through the grocery store glancing at the overflowing shopping cart filled with a variety of foods, taking notice that you can only afford the few items in your own basket. You begin to envy the people driving the cart, wondering why you cannot have the abundance of your neighbor.

This Sunday we explore the deadly sin of Envy by defining Envy, how envy corrupts our minds and actions in loving God and how coveting our neighbor is opposite to God’s great commandment to Love God and love our neighbor. 

See you this Sunday, 

Pastor Monica

St.  Luke's  Child  Development Center  Hosts  Open  House

Our Child Development Center recently held their Open House for the 2017-2018 school year. It was a wonderful occasion that kindled excitement in the students, families, and teachers alike. More pictures can be found on the Child Development Center page. For more information about our center, contact the director, Dawn Huffman.