Westview Fellowship

Westview Fellowship is a safe place where relationships are formed, fellowship happens, and love is shared around the table with all God's people. This community meets at Westview United Methodist Church every Tuesday, with a time of unique worship and conversation around the table at 5:00 pm followed by a Fellowship meal at 5:30 pm.  

Read the testimonies and see the opportunities for you to support Westview Fellowship: a place for Christ-centered change.

Faces and Stories of Westview Fellowship

We came to Westview Fellowship for the first time in 2015 when friends told us about a ministry on Tuesday nights that offers a meal and fellowship for the homeless and those living in the margins. The first time we visited it felt like home. Everyone spoke to us and were nice and made us feel welcome.

[Pete] We are driven to come back each week because Westview is a place where we feel good about ourselves because we know we are doing something. We gather to eat and fellowship around the table with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds like one happy family. Everyone is welcome no matter their background or current situations. If someone is missing from the table on Tuesday, everyone takes notice and seeks to reach out to them.

[Pete] This ministry has impacted us both. They walked with me through my addiction holding meetings that helped me to quit drinking and doing drugs. This helped me know that I can overcome anything with God’s help. A place that no one judges you and we are not suppose to judge each other but to love and to pray for one another. This taught us that we are not to judge but to love, respect and to help people. We have been prayed for and listened to which has helped you out a lot. Knowing that there is a place where you can share your issues and people pray for you is something special.

[Carla] Westview Fellowship impacts this lives of many. It would be devastating and sad if this ministry didn’t exist. It is food for your body and for you soul too. If it wasn’t there anymore it would be a devastating loss to the people being served. There would be no safe place for people to go where they can feel heard, be themselves, and be loved.

Pete and Carla

Ways to Get Involved with Westview Fellowship

There are many opportunities to volunteer and assist with the Tuesday night meeting, including donating monetary funds to the mission. 

  • Volunteer opportunities

    For more information about volunteering or to register as a volunteer, click on this link.

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    You can donate online toward the operating costs of Westview Fellowship. Click on this link to contribute to the ministry.