GodConvos  Podcast

A  new weekly podcast  created by Pastor Monica Childers and Charlie Brown to spark conversation and engage individuals to think theologically about what is happening in our world during COVID-19.  Our goal is to engage people to think about their life experiences, search the scriptures, reflect on their faith traditions while discerning their personal belief about God, while offering some feedback and thoughts to presence@slumc.org. We will respond to any feedback in the next podcast.


Week 1: Is this God’s Plan? https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/episodes/Is-this-part-of-the-plan-ebsidg

Week 2: Where is God? https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/call/i-350uu

Week 3: How should a Christian respond to Chaos? https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/episodes/How-should-a-Christian-respond-to-Chaos-ecgm54

Week 4: How should a Christian respond to conflict? https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/episodes/How-should-Christians-respond-to-conflict-with-those-you-live-with-and-love---in-quarantine-ecpg1b

Week 5: Why, God, why? https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/episodes/When-it-rains-it-pours--A-series-of-unfortunate-events---why-God-why-ed4hlt

Week 6: When plans get hijacked by quarantine... https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/episodes/When-plans-get-highjacked-by-Quarantine-edekva

Week 7: Bored? https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/episodes/Bored-edmjm3

Week 8 (after break): Prejudice: How Does God Want Us to Respond? https://anchor.fm/charliebrown/episodes/Prejudice--How-does-God-want-us-to-respond-ef8knc

Youth will meet through Zoom  on Sunday’s at 8:00 pm to discuss.

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/835819408