Youth Ministries-Getting Connected

Hello and welcome,

My name is Charlie Brown and I am the Youth Minister at St. Lukes.  I just recently started serving here in Hickory but I have been in youth ministry for 17 years.  This season of pandemic is a unique one to be starting in ministry but I am excited about where God is leading us.  As a church we are still in the process of trying to discern what we can do “in-person” safely.  In the meantime we are working hard to prepare for an amazing new season of ministry here at St Luke’s UMC.  

Connect:  We are now using GroupMe as a primary way to communicate.  GroupMe is an App that is available for most devices and while similar to group texting it will allow us more control over what appears on your phone.  We will be respectful of you by limiting how much content we send and will allow options for those who desire more information.  The links below will allow you to join the groups.  We currently have two groups.  One will be general info for everyone and the other will be specific for parents.  Parents please join both groups as we will not use that parent group for general updates and information.

In addition to the group text we will be sending information through the regular church e-news, website, and newsletter.  I am still learning what works and what doesn’t but my plan is that we will eventually have 2-3 primary ways that we communicate information and we will focus on doing that really well.  

While we are in this period of social distance I do want to connect with you.  Some I know but others I do not.  We can chat by phone or meet at a picnic table here at the church.  I look forward to getting to know each of you and I am genuinely interested in your perspective and gifts.  Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. 

God Bless,

Charlie Brown