Serve  in  Our  World

We recognize that God loves all people everywhere and we seek opportunities to serve our neighbors outside of Hickory, North Carolina, and even the United States. The people of St. Luke's have spent years building relationships with our neighbors in Nicaragua. Our college students and young adults have traveled to Los Angeles to share love to homeless LA residents. Our middle school and high school students have helped rebuild flood-ravaged communities in West Virginia. You can join us! For more information, contact our global missions coordinator, Pastor Bill Garrard.


    St. Luke's has been involved in mission with the Nicaraguan people through our covenant missionaries Ronnie and Angi Hopkins for many years. Through our prayers, presence through mission teams, and our financial support, we are able to connect God's message of love to our Nicaraguan friends. Through person to person, church to church, and community to community connections with these Christians of another way of living, we grow ourselves in learning of God's love for all people and in our own discipleship. Find out how you can become involved in the sections below or connect with any member of our Nicaraguan Mission Planning Team: Kevin Clark, Bill Garrard, Beth Osbahr, and Beth Steelmon. They have stories to tell of how God works through us and in us in our mission with the Nicaraguan people. 

    For more information about special projects, mission team trips, and newsletters, click here.

    Pastor Bill Garrard


    We believe in doing our part to help our neighbors coping with the aftermath of disasters and crises. Pastor Monica works with St. Luke's teams that coordinate Disaster Relief and Rebuild efforts throughout the country. Contact them for more information and ways you can help.


    If you are looking for a way to donate toward disaster relief, visit the United Methodist Committee on Relief. They use 100% of the donations in the communities and for the people in need.

  • Project  Agape

    Project AGAPE, a ministry to Armenia and to some of our most desperate Christian brothers and sisters, is a collaborative effort of the North Carolina and the Western North Carolina Conferences of The United Methodist Church in a joint effort with the Armenian Apostolic Church. 

    AGAPE = American Greater Armenian Partnership Efforts

    Updates from Project Agape Newsletters: