Kids of the Kingdom Registration

With the beginning of school comes the beginning of Kids of the Kingdom Choir for the 2019-2020 season. Our first day of rehearsal will be September 4. This year, we have a wonderful addition to our program. We will be adding Kindergarteners and 1st graders on Wednesday afternoons under the leadership of Marie Denig. Jessica Stamey will still be working with the 2nd-5th graders and we will do some things together. Marie, Jessica, and Pat McKim have been working on some other awesome things we will have on Wednesday afternoons, including a devotion and learning activities. We will sing for worship 2-3 times a semester and learn Christmas and Spring musicals. We have made tentative plans to do our Christmas and spring musicals at nursing/retirement homes as a “dress rehearsal” and to again attend the children’s choir festival in early 2020.

We are still offering pick-up from our area schools, although with all of them getting out at the same time, we do ask for your grace and patience during those first couple of weeks. You DO need to pre-register for us to pick-up your child. If you are new to afterschool pick-up, simply send a note to the school office telling them that your child(ren) will be riding – or walking, in the case of Viewmont Elementary – with St. Luke’s on Wednesdays.

Our schedule is slightly different this year with the later dismissal times. We will have gathering and snack time in the youth building or on the playground from 3:35 (when the Viewmont students arrive) until 4 PM. At 4 PM, we will have a devotion and supporting activities. At 4:15, the 2nd-5th graders will go to the choir room for rehearsal and the K-1st graders will remain in the youth building for learning activities. At 4:45, the K-1st graders will go to the chapel for choir. Both groups will finish at 5:15 and will go to the Family Life Center for pick-up. (If you need to pick them up earlier than 5:15, just let us know.)

We also have a dinner and program together on Wednesday nights. We have had some exciting changes to this program for 2019-2020. We have a new cook/host – Steve Spivey, a new name – The Gathering, and new times – 5-6:30 PM. There will also be special activities and programs going on each week. Every child and family is invited to participate, even if it is getting “to-go” boxes before heading to the next activity. We will have special nights to celebrate the kids as well as have them help with the program and will get you additional information on that as soon as possible. 

Register here. For the calendar, click here.